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Each February the Walkerton Park Foundation hosts an Annual Trivia Night.  The Trivia Night is held as a fundraiser to help support the Walkerton Park Foundation. 

​Walkerton Park Foundation Trivia Night Consists of:

- $10 per person

-10 Rounds of Trivia

-Silent Auctions

-6-8 Players per Team

-Must be 21 or over to attend

Doors open at 6:30pm.  Trivia Starts at 7pm



If you can't make it, but would like to donate, families, businesses and organizations can sponsor a round of questions for just $20.  Please contact the park department at 574-586-3638 or

During a trivia night, there are 10 rounds of trivia questions split up into different. The questions are then answered by different groups of people in an audience. These groups, also known as "teams" or "tables," typically consist of 6-8 people.  At the end of each round, a representative from each team turns in its answers to the judge who then calculates the scores for each team. The teams compete against one another with the top two teams receiving cash prizes. 

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