Established in 1999, the Walkerton Soccer League now has two seasons a year one in the spring which happens in the months of April and May and our Fall Season in August and September.

We have had generous parents and community members who volunteer their time to teach our youth all about soccer! We look forward to many more great seasons.

The Walkerton Park Department has a supply of donated gently used equipment, shoes, etc.  If you would like to look at our inventory, please contact us.  This is at no cost.  We also gladly accept donations to pass on to other players. 


1.  When do practices take place?

Soccer Practices take place in the month of March & continue through the season.

2.  How many days a week do they practice? 

Teams usually practice two times a week, unless they are scheduled for a game that week.

3.  When are games played?

Games start April 4th and run through the first week of May.  All teams play sometimes during the week and most Saturdays.