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The WJL (Walkerton Junior League) has been dated back as far as 1909 and continues to try and exemplify the development of players of all ability levels.  The main focus of our league is to build life lessons, socialization, and sportsmanship that benefits all of the children, parents and adult volunteers who support or participate in our league.  These lessons are there to help build a culture of children who find an understanding that hard work pays off, whether gradually or through instant success.  In addition to understanding that working with others is critical in today’s world, where people aren’t always the same. As well as, understanding that being humble in victory and defeat show a true person’s character.

       While all of these ideals are important the development of competitive players is also at the top of our priority.  Teaching young boys and girls that having a competitive nature prevents complacency. If we’re competitive, we can acknowledge and be satisfied with what we’ve achieved, but still remain motivated to continually improving. If we fail at something, being competitive gives us the motivation to keep going.  At the same time, learning that you will not be successful at everything you do but a true sign of integrity is not how you handle yourself in victory but in defeat.


Current News

The Walkerton Junior League has showed continual growth for many reasons throughout the past 4 years, as seen below.

Year      Baseball Participants  Softball Participants

2016                   119                            23

2017                   141                            40

2018                   176                            60

2019                   208                            85

2020                   185                            84

We would like to believe this growth is accredited to the time put into our facilities, caring coaching, low registration fees, opportunities to play more games and a family friendly atmosphere.

Scarborough Park is one of the nicest facilities in northern Indiana.  We are fortunate to have a superintendent of maintenance to oversee the day to day operations of our fields and park.  However, coaches taking the time to rake the fields after every game is crucial in the maintenance of our facility.

Many of our coaches volunteer to help children grow not only as players but by people as well.  We believe that there are so many life lessons that can be learned through sports and coaching gives us a pedestal to teach them.

The Cost of WJL is impossible to compare to when it comes to other area leagues.  Our registration fees are not only the lowest in the area but are discounted for siblings on top of the already low price.  A typical player pays $45.00 to play up to 10 games, receive a t-shirt, hat or visor, end of the year memorabilia and priceless memories with friends and family.

Price Break Down

$45.00 = $4.50 per game to play

Free T-shirt and hat/visor

Free metal/trophy

Free Memories (No we don’t charge for these)

Clean Restrooms

The Walkerton Park Department has a supply of donated gently used equipment, shoes, etc.  If you would like to look at our inventory, please contact us.  This is at no cost.  We also gladly accept donations to pass on to other players. 


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